About Us

Autenthic Colombian handicrafts(Artesanías Auténticas Colombianas) was born as a business initiative in the year 2012 when it is registered in Chamber of Commerce and with the respective RUT(Unique Taxes Register), with a physical store in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia; However a few years before the pioneers, a couple of husbands, being in Valledupar fell in love with the fabric Arhuaco and Wayuu.

he Pioneer is an artisan of the weaving Wayuu, who produces backpacks of the ethnic Wayuu; Her husband, who manages the marketing and sales strategy area, as well as digital marketing, began promoting handicrafts on social networks, especially Wayuu backpacks and Arhuacas. Thus began the sales of authentic Colombian handicrafts(Artesanías Auténticas Colombianas) to enter the national market and it was necessary to mount a physical store, currently in the Cra 35 to # 49-55 Cuarta Etapa Mall in the first in the local 107 D in the city of Bucaramanga in Colombia..

has been 6 years of complete success in the promotion, dissemination and teaching to our national and international clients on the Autenthic Colombian handicraft(Artesanías Auténticas Colombianas), its essence, its meaning and its historical value as well as from the viewpoint of the worldview and Cosmogony of the different tribes or indigenous ethnicities that elaborate these handicrafts. That’s why, as our slogan says: “More than products, we transmit culture and art”. Each artisan piece is a work of art of high intrinsic value, which conveys a message and a meaning on the hand-crafted.

Autenthic Colombian handicraft(Artesanías Auténticas Colombianas) has 6 years of experience exporting handicrafts from Colombia to 15 countries around the world, likewise making national shipments. Our values are based on the seriousness, honesty, customer service and agility in the logistic processes of the shipment of the products towards the clients..